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Andrew AvenueElementary School

Friday Email for May 8, 2020


Picture of Flowers- Friday Email May 8, 2020 
Happy Mother's Day to all of our Moms


Thank You!

Happy Friday!  Thank you for another successful week of distance learning!  We did it!  

Families - we can't thank you enough - you are all so amazing!  

Awesome students of Andrew Ave - thank you so much for working so hard and staying focused.  IT can definitely be challenging at times, but we are so proud of all of your efforts!  The best part of our "school day" is getting to see your faces and spending time with you!

Don't forget to take the time to "spoil"  that special person on Sunday!


We Love You!



We have been updating our records in PowerSchool if you have changed your address, email, or phone number in the past few months please notify us so we can update your information. Thank you


Andrew Ave Specials weekly announcements 


Mood Meter Check-In

The Mood Meter check-in is our daily attendance, 

please make sure your child/children check-in each day when they log into their google classroom.  Mood Meter Check-in


Message from Mrs. Graziano

Distance Learning Spirit Week  #4


Hello Andrew Avenue Families, this is Mrs. Yammine, the math coach at Andrew Avenue.

I hope this message finds your family healthy!  I want to thank you for embracing the learning journey together with everyone here at Andrew Avenue.  As our distance learning continues throughout the remainder of the year, it is more important now than ever to continue our work together and support your children.

Throughout the school year, teachers, interventionists, paraprofessionals, and coaches work hard at building your children's perseverance by creating opportunities for "healthy struggles" while completing math assignments.  Know that it is ok to struggle a little, make mistakes, and get wrong answers as your children work through solving problems, drawing from prior knowledge, and applying skills learned.  It is with these struggles, mistakes, and wrong answers that learning occurs.

As parents, you may often find yourself wanting to tell your children how to solve problems, come up with answers, or figure out the puzzles on ST Math for them.  I understand not providing step-by-step support could be challenging, because as parents, you want your children to be and feel successful.  

With this in mind, I have a challenge for all families to support your children by encouraging a "healthy struggle," and try as much as possible to let your children complete their work independently.  I challenge you to become facilitators rather than providing answers when working on math.  This challenge will not only benefit your children by maintaining their level of perseverance but will also allow teachers to see your children's level of independence on assignments.  This way, teachers can continue to provide appropriate support to increase your children's learning.

I challenge you to guide your children through their learning using a variety of questions, and never just give them the answer.  To support you in this challenge, I have included at the end of this message, a list of questions that you can use if your children get stuck on math assignments or ST Math.  I challenge you to use them as you guide your child to success and continue our learning journey together!  

Mrs. Yammine :)

Questions when working on Math Assignments:

  • What is missing from the equation?

  • What do you need to find?

  • What strategies have you learned that will help you solve the equation? (drawing a picture, drawing counters/base ten blocks, using a number line, drawing a model)

  • Can you draw a strategy on paper?

  • Put yourself in the word problem, what is really happening in the story?  

  • How would you write the equation?

  • Does your answer make sense?

  • Can you find your mistake in this problem?

  • If there are incorrect answers - Can you go back and find your mistake before submitting it?


Questions when working on ST Math:

  • What do you notice about the puzzle?

  • What can you do to get JiJi across the screen?

  • What happens when JiJi gets across?

  • What happens when JiJi does not get across?

  • Describe what you see after you click.  What did you learn from JiJi's moves?

  • What might you do now?  What do you expect to see?

  • What did you learn from the previous level that can help you with this level?



If you have any questions please email me @