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Andrew AvenueElementary School

Kindness Week

The Naugatuck Youth Leaders would like to invite the district and town to celebrate the Naugatuck Great Kindness Challenge again this year. We would love for everyone in Naugatuck to participate. 
Read more about the international Great Kindness Challenge project on their website. 
Not sure where to start? Participating is easy!

Here's a list of 50 kind acts you can try this week:

  1. Smile at 25 people
  2. Take a treat to your local firefighters
  3. Do a household chore without being asked
  4. Be kind to yourself and eat a healthy snack
  5. Take a board game to play at a senior center
  6. Read a book to a younger child
  7. Say “Thank You” to a police officer
  8. Entertain someone with a happy dance
  9. Create a family gratitude jar
  10. Cheer for every player on both teams
  11. Take a family walk outside
  12. Make a new friend or welcome a new neighbor
  13. Write a thank you note to your mail carrier
  14. Walk or pet an animal - but ask first!
  15. Go a full day without complaining
  16. Say “Hi” to someone who looks sad
  17. Learn to say “Thank You” in a new language
  18. Embrace your family with a big hug
  19. Teach something to a younger sibling or friend
  20. Write or draw a loving note for someone
  21. Raise funds and donate to your favorite cause
  22. Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  23. Breathe, stretch, and think a happy thought
  24. Cut out 10 hearts and leave them on 10 cars
  25. Donate needed school supplies
  26. Thank a bus driver
  27. Leave a flower on someone’s doorstep
  28. Donate something to an animal shelter
  29. Call your grandparents or esteemed elder
  30. Walk or bike instead of driving
  31. Make a thank you card for your librarians
  32. Bake cookies and share with your neighbors
  33. Say “Good Morning” to 5 people
  34. Pick up and recycle trash in your neighborhood
  35. Deliver a special gift to a child in the hospital
  36. Draw a heart in the sand or dirt
  37. Send a card or gift to a military family
  38. Make a wish for a child in another country
  39. Volunteer in your community
  40. Hold the door open for someone
  41. Write a happy message with sidewalk chalk
  42. Paint a kindness rock and randomly place it
  43. Share food with someone who is hungry
  44. Sincerely compliment 5 people
  45. Make and display a “Kindness Matters” sign Post a positive message on social media
  46. Let someone go ahead of you in line
  47. Help plant a garden
  48. Create your own kind deed
  49. Your Kindness Matters!
  50. Reflect on kindness you witnessed during the day