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Bus Policy


School bus at Andrew Avenue

Regulations for the Conduct of Pupils Riding on School Buses

  • The driver is in full charge of the bus and of all pupils riding therein at all times while pupils are being transported to and from school. He/she is required to enforce all rules and regulations adopted by the school authorities for the conduct of pupils riding on the bus.
  • Pupils must take a seat when they enter the bus and remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  • Indecent or profane language, smoking, rowdyism, loud talking, loud radios or any illegal activities are expressly prohibited.
  • Pupils must not open bus windows without permission from the driver.
  • Pupils must not throw any object in or out of the bus. Pupils must not, at any time, extend their arms or head out of the bus window. Pupils shall enter and leave the bus only at the front door except in cases of emergency.
  • Pupils must be on time and at all times cooperate in keeping the bus on schedule.
  • Pupils shall, after alighting from the bus, wait for the signal from the driver before crossing the highway, and pupils shall also look to see that traffic is halted. Pupils must not stand on the traveled portion of the highway while waiting for a bus.
Penalties for Violation:
  • Parents of pupils who damage or deface any bus shall be held liable for such damage.
  • When pupils do not observe the above rules, the driver shall report them on bus company forms to the school principal as soon as possible.
  • The matter of suspension from riding the bus shall be determined by the principal, as a last resort, after parents have been notified. This action shall be subject to review by the superintendent. Appeals from any decision may be made in writing by parents to the Transportation Committee.