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Karen Purcaro-Kudzma

Teacher - Grade One

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but a lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats
" Today you lead the class.....tomorrow your students will lead the world."


First grade is soooooooo fun but also so very important in the growth and development of your child! You are your child's first and foremost teacher. I want to thank you for working with me this year to share the responsibility of giving your child the best first grade experience.... full of discovery, questioning, observations, teamwork and citizenship.... that will ultimately lead to a successful year of valued learning as a true scholar!

About Mrs. Karen Purcaro-Kudzma

I realized that I was destined to be a teacher long after others Knew. People kept telling me that they observed in me the qualities of a good teacher. At first I dismissed these observations. I loved being a mom and became a GS leader for both of my daughters’ brownie troops. It was during that time as a stay-at-home-mom, that several parents in my troop (a local principal and several teachers) kept telling me they saw a good teacher in me and that I should pursue it. I took a leap of faith and began the year long master’s in education program at the University of New Haven, as I interned full time in the reading program of Cheshire Public schools. I soon realized that I loved what I was doing, it all made sense and seemed to come easily. I had found my niche!
Education: I completed my under-graduate work in Biology and Environmental Sciences at Western Connecticut State University, earning a BA in Biology.
  • My graduate work in education was completed at The University of New Haven, earning a MA in Elementary Education. 
Teaching since: 1999
Years working at NPS: all of the above!!
A few of my favorite things: My first love is science and anything that allows me to stop and observe, admire, ask questions, learn new things…so anything related to that has become a passion of mine…gardening, birding, hiking…as well as cooking & baking! I also love to read, to create, to decorate and to craft!  I have also found that I’ve surrounded myself with children’s literature…the beauty through story,theme, lesson, and illustration makes my heart smile!
A fun fact about me: I became a grandmother this year, and am over-the -moon thrilled with my new role!
Classes I teach: The first grade curriculum I teach supports students learning through the Language Arts (reading, writing speaking), Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics, as well as builds citizenship and the social/emotional needs of a young developing student. 
Wish List for Supplies

Andrew Avenue Elementary School   A Great Place to be...

I believe AAES is truly a very special place! We are a small, welcoming community, with familiar families and siblings, as well fresh energetic new faces adding new life to our sense of community!. We take pride in the fact that our community members are committed to a strong parent-teacher relationship of working together to support each other and provide our students with not only a high quality education, but also a strong, safe extension of family.
I feel that I myself, and my own daughters, grew up in Naugatuck and benefited from the many quality teachers in the NPS. I love to work here to pay that forward…to give each child in front of me all that I am able to share, to help build in them too a successful scholar, and a successful future.